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Grown Man’s Rap – Substance over Flash


Da’Rel-Da’Rel (The Mystery/The Intellect) knows many Hip-Hop Fans and Music Lovers want more substance, substance as in meaning.


Da’Rel-Da’Rel understands that gaining fans means expressing what fans feel, from their spirits and souls. And of course, making it sound good.


Da’Rel-Da’Rel, also, understands the power of being provocative, intriguing, analytical and honest.


Da’Rel-Da’Rel provides music that makes you think, and most importantly that makes you feel different emotions. 

Also, Da’Rel-Da’Rel is unknown, as of December 15, 2019.


Hmm, what a mountain to climb


Da’Rel-Da’Rel fully understands that success requires being Smart, Great, Business Minded, and Creative to conquer the odds.


“All Odds Against Me, Means Nothing.”


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Da'Rel Da'Rel

E-Mail:  77dareldarel@gmail.com


Da'Rel - Da'Rel

P.O. Box  28516

Raleigh, NC  27611