9th Wonder—The Triangle’s Most Successful Music Producer

9th Wonder reigns as a Super Producer for providing sampled based music, though music sampling started before he could sample music. He’s a go-to producer.

Super Producer 9th Wonder

From Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar to Little Brother.

He’s also a Grammy Award Winning Producer for working with Mary J. Blige.

And recently he finished an album with Smith n’ Wesson.

9th Wonder’s accomplishments are far more impressive than they appear. Producers have been chopping samples and using covers for over forty years. So many samples have been used that many swear that sampling is Hip-Hop’s foundation. (Another topic for another day.)

Literally, thousands of producers sample music to make music. Thousands learn to sample, instead of learning to play instruments, because it’s much easier.

So how does one excel with such competition.

You have to ask 9th Wonder.

More power and respect to 9th Wonder.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Enough said. Music Speaks For Self

Billboard Hot 100 or Bust


Millions to Gain, Nothing to Lose


North Carolina's Newest Hip-Hop Producer

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