Da Baby Jesus Signs with Interscope

Da Baby Jesus Signs with Interscope

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Interscope, on January 23, 2019, signed North Carolina Rapper Da Baby Jesus, through South Coast Music Group

Let’s examine Interscope’s interest in Da Baby Jesus, and lack of interest in other North Carolina Rappers.

Very simple. Da Baby Jesus has streams and personality.

Da Baby Jesus’ top-four streamed videos, as of Jan 26, 2019, equal 19.1 Million streams—"Next Song,” “Pull Up Music,” “Gorilla Glue,” and “Above The Rim.”

Renni Rucci, Saweetie, and Stallion were signed to major deals with far less streams/views. Please consider, also, they are good looking women.

Second, Da Baby Jesus entertains people with his personality and antics. He keeps it street. And he keeps it fun.

Without streams or views, getting a major deal seems quite distant.

Who will be the next Carolina artist to get signed. Maybe J.K. Reaper from Greensboro.

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