Digital Radio Tracker, What Is It?

Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) seeks the Number One Position for tracking Radio Airplay around the world, for any song, whether from an Internet Radio Station or Terrestrial Radio Station.

Its technology and marketing could allow a great edge over Neilsen and Mediabase for tracking Radio spins, and quite possibly achieving its goal or, at least, being a disruptor in the music industry.

DRT caters to artists, managers, and the professionals. Instead of a subscription, anyone can create an account and pay for only one report, if desired.

Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of DRT.

The Technology

Technology allows tracking songs on radio and social media. This technology provided for “Old Town Road” the means to go viral on the Tik Tok app. Stations are monitored and the spins are counted. Even the times are counted. Even the amount of listeners is counted. Technology gives a great picture.


Celebrities galore have given blessings to DRT: Run DMC, Master P, Wendy Day, Mark Matthews, Boyz II Men, and many more. The videos constantly appear on the DRT Youtube channel. View it for yourself:

This appeal to artist will pay off. Other services are mostly geared towards professionals.

The Reports

Let’s analyze their reports geared towards artists: 1. Weekly Reports; 2. Comprehensive Reports; 3. Historical Reports.

1. DRT Weekly Report – For only $19.99 DRT provides one week of Airplay for any song, starting on Sunday, ending on Monday. Please review Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You:

2. DRT Comprehensive Report – For $29.99 DRT provides the times of play, making it comprehensive. A DRT Weekly Report comes with it. Please review Starboy by The Weeknd:

3. DRT Historical Report – For 99.00 DRT provides how many spins per station for a song’s life. Please review Bruno Mar’s 24K Magic:

Some Great Insight

DRT provides the data. Analysis provides the information, the most useful part.

This information about Internet Radio may shock you. Still, we all know math doesn’t lie.

Ed Sheeran’s Weekly Report for “Shape Of You” looks quite impressive upon seeing all the stations, spins and audience impressions. The picture changes upon analysis.

For one week, “Shape of You” accumulated 19,762 Spins from 550 Stations for an Audience Impression of 87,681,339. Sounds impressive. Not so.

87,681,339 divided by 19,762 divided by 550 equals 8.07 people per spin.

87,681,339 / 19,762 / 550 = 8.06702

These are mostly internet radio stations.

Terrestrial Radio Stations

Will DRT, in the future, master tracking spins on Terrestrial Radio Stations?

As an opinion, more than likely. And it will make DRT a powerhouse in the Music Industry. All radio spins, no matter where, will be transparent.

For now, DRT only tracks certain Terrestrial Stations. And the list could change without notice.

Please visit their website:

The Grade For DRT

For price, accuracy, and internet radio spins DRT equals perfection—absolute perfection.

Realistically, though, Artist need Terrestrial Radio tracking on the same scale. Terrestrial Radio can chart an artist on Billboard and bring streams because of more listeners—many more listeners--than the average Internet Radio station.

Most artist don’t desire to pay Neilsen nor Mediabase for a subscription.

Stay Focused in The Music Industry

Da’Rel Da’Rel


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