Greatest Mistake by Independent Artists: The Chorus

Songs must be catchy to catch on; in other words, to become hit songs. The catchy part would be The Chorus or The Hook(s). The Chorus makes people gravitate to a song, especially when it speaks to them or for them.

In the age of a million beat makers, two million producers, and ten million singers/rappers, the number one cause of failure must be elaborated on. Songs with a weak chorus.

People, as in most, remember and repeat choruses before anything. Not the great lyrics. Not the great beat. Not the great subject.

People like songs they hated because of repetition. Great choruses repeat in a person’s head, no matter what. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Don’t take my word. Read some science.

Earworms was coined by scientist for a catchy song that won’t leave the listener’s brain.

Anyway please read this article:, and avoid making the most common mistake of Independent Artist.

Uhm. Create a song that won’t leave a person's brain. Sounds like hitting The Billboard Hot 100. #BillboardHot100orbust.

Call me out, if you like.


North Carolina’s Newest Hip-Hop Producer

Billboard Hot 100 or Bust


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