Grown Man's Rap: Substance over Flash

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Grown Man’s Rap – Substance over Flash

Da’Rel-Da’Rel (The Mystery/The Intellect) knows many Hip-Hop Fans and Music Lovers want more substance, substance as in meaning.

Da’Rel-Da’Rel understands that gaining fans means expressing what fans feel, from their spirits and souls. And of course, making it sound good.

Da’Rel-Da’Rel, also, understands the power of being provocative, intriguing, analytical and honest.

Da’Rel-Da’Rel provides music that makes you think, and most importantly that makes you feel different emotions.

The odds. Da’Rel-Da’Rel lives in “The Triangle,” where no R&B/Hip Hop artist has ever charted a “Hit Record” on the Billboard Charts.

“The Triangle Music Curse” Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill.

Many have made it to Billboard. Some Grammy nominated. Some Grammy Winners. Some have Gold and Platinum Plaques. Still, none have a “Hit Record” on Billboard.

Also, Da’Rel-Da’Rel is unknown, as of December 15, 2019.

Hmm, what a mountain to climb

Da’Rel-Da’Rel fully understands that success requires being Smart, Great, Business Minded, and Creative to conquer “The Triangle Music Curse” and other odds.

“All Odds Against Me, Means Nothing.”


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