Joshua Gunn could be Interscope’s next North Carolina Rapper

If North Carolina possesses “A Natural Born Lyricist” and a “Great Battle Rapper,” that would be Joshua Gunn. #nosleepjustdreams

Not only does North Carolina recognize his skills, Dame Dash and MC Lyte have cosigned and given him great praise.

Even without the millions of streams, the thousands of followers, and the Trap Music Sound, like Da Baby Jesus, Joshua could successfully battle any battle rapper, even the great Eminem.

Yes, serious words. Joshua Gunn has issued an invitation to any rapper to visit Durham, his hometown, for a battle. Why not do it digital.

Interscope could sign him as a Battle Rapper. In fact, he could battle ten rappers on one album. (Not an album that I would produce. Just for the record.)

Imagine the amount of streams and controversy.

This could happen.

Enough said. Music Speaks For Self

Billboard Hot 100 or Bust


Millions to Gain, Nothing to Lose


North Carolina's Newest Hip-Hop Producer

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