MG The Future, North Carolina’s Most Knowledgeable Producer

MG The Future’s knowledge of making beats/music surpasses the knowledge of all known producers and rivals, those who talk like professors, like the ones with YouTube channels.

If he isn’t the most knowledgeable in North Carolina, please prove it.

MG The Future started making beats/music around 2002 and hasn’t stopped. Now, MG mixes, masters and Sound Designs. Winning several Beat Battles, off- and online, must be mentioned, specifically, the one in 2007 (Making the Next Hit), hosted by Busy Bee and Lil’ Wayne.

Most notable, Guru, Jay-Z’s Legendary Engineer, recognizes MG The Future’s knowledge. And watches MG's YouTube Channel.

Guru gave MG a live interview on YouTube. Please watch.

Please visit MG The Future’s YouTube Channel and website. & MG's Youtube Channel.

Surely, you will agree and learn something.

Stay Focused in The Music Industry

Da’Rel Da’Rel


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