Mosca Flux could catch Interscope’s Attention

North Carolina rappers will receive some Major Label attention because of Da Baby Jesus’s signing to Interscope Records. A rapper, who will surely be considered, will be Mosca Flux.

Mosca Flux possesses great flow, pure talent, and an undeniable stage presence. Her model-like looks are naturally noticed: long-dark-black hair with a light-skinned complexion to match. Yes, she has a figure. By any man’s standards she’s a very sexy Hispanic woman.

Most important, she spits bars, upon request. In fact, she spits better than Cardi B. No mistake. No floss. Real talk.

With songs as good as Cardi B’s she’d make millions and make Raleigh, North Carolina proud.

So, would Interscope or another label be willing to develop her? Uhm. Submit your comment.

Streams and Followers. Here she falls short. Major Labels give heavy weight to Streams and Followers. Developing talent—Not likely. Keeping it 100.

Simple put, Ms. Mosca Flux, you need hot songs to gain streams, which will gain you followers. Then the money will follow. Keeping it 100.

(Listen for Mosca Flux at the 2:00 mark.)

Enough said. Music Speaks For Self

Billboard Hot 100 or Bust


Millions to Gain, Nothing to Lose


North Carolina's Newest Hip-Hop Producer

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