"North Carolina's Most Successful Producer"--Andreao Fanatic Heard*

Every North Carolina producer must show respect to Andreao “Fanatic” Heard. Such strong words are required: Fanatic is “North Carolina’s Most Successful Producer.”* #northcarolinasmostsuccessfulproducer

Fanatic, Beyonce & Hamilton

Mr. Fanatic has worked with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Little Kim, Notorious B.I.G., Mase, Anthony Hamilton, Puff Daddy, and many more. See Wikipedia:

Not only is Mr. Fanatic a producer, he plays different instruments: Sax, Guitar, Drums, & Bass Guitar. Mr. Fanatic also engineers from beginning to end. Mr. Fanatic also composes and sings. Click to read.

Grammy Award Winning Producer Andreao Fanatic Heard

For his work with Beyonce and Anthony Hamilton he is considered a Grammy Award Winning Producer. (Link)

Mr. Fanatic hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, where he presently lives and works on a manuscript. (Twitter Link.)

Producers can learn much from Mr. Fanatic, including the author. Fanatic speak on using Song Elements to advantage, like Chorus, Verse, Intro, etc. Please read his interview: Mr. Fanatic Interview.

Enough said. Music Speaks For Self

Billboard Hot 100 or Bust


Millions to Gain, Nothing to Lose


North Carolina's Newest Hip-Hop Producer

* His being born in NC and living in NC makes him the most successful.

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