Songs going Gold and Platinum. How?

No doubt you’ve heard about many songs going Gold, Platinum, Multi-platinum, and Diamond. So how? And of course, streaming makes it more complicated.

You will fully understand, in less than ten minutes.

a. Who And What

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certifies Gold and Platinum Status for Singles and album. RIAA has existed since 1952.

Please visit their website:

b. Gold, Platinum, and more

The easy part:

Gold = 500,000 units

Platinum = 1,000,000


Platinum = 2x, 3x, etc.

Diamond = 10x

c. Streaming Numbers

This is easy.

For singles: 150 on-demand streams, video or a audio equal one Unit

For albums : 1,500 on-demand streams, video or a a audio equal one unit; also,

ten permanent downloads count as one unit

All sales must originate in the United States or on a U.S. Military Base.

Now send an application to the RIAA.

Please visit:

Da’Rel Da’Rel

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