Spot on Track for Streaming Numbers

Streaming rules and dominates the music industry like water keeps the body healthy. Uhm. The music industry without streaming would be like … well, no need to say.

Streaming numbers make or break songs, just like radio. Seriously, streaming numbers are a better indicator about a song’s popularity.

In fact, streaming has made many recording artists very rich. (Must cover that topic.)

That said, ever wonder about your favorite songs’ streaming numbers. Well, there’s a source to see streaming numbers for the top 200 songs in any country. would be that place. collects streaming data from Spotify and Apple Music and gives reports by country, if desired. allows researching any song for Playlists that play it. It will even send a weekly PDF Report.

Invaluable resource for artists. Find a similar song then find the appropriate playlists.

Even better, artists can check the efficiency of anyone promoting playlist placement.

Stay Focused in The Music Industry

Da’Rel Da’Rel


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