Starting From Scratch, With No Contacts, Heading For Billboard's Hot 100

Succeeding at making chart-topping music, from an area and a city that has no hit songs(Top 50) on Billboards’ Pop, Rap, or R&B charts, presents a serious challenge. Indeed, no artist, no producer, nor group from Raleigh, Durham, nor Chapel Hill, North Carolina (The Triangle) has a highly charted single on Billboard, in Rap, Pop, or R&B. Talk about a drought. Talk about walking on a desert

The author of this post/article, myself, Da’Rel-Da’Rel, plans to end this drought, by making chart-topping music with North Carolina Artists and North Carolina Producers.

Before fully considering those facts and googling Billboard and consulting whoever about music, please consider more challenging factors.

No money. No contacts. An unknown.

Of course, you wonder, and for good reason, how can an unknown, with no money, nor contacts, succeed where many others, in The Triangle, have not succeeded.

Thank you for your attention. Please follow on Social Media when you visit And make contact, if you like.

On Social Media, YouTube, my website, and my Blog, the Music, the songs, the thought process, and the moves will be illustrated.

Millions to gain, nothing to lose.

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