The 360 Music Deal: Straight Facts, No Opinion

No doubt, you’ve heard the term “360 Music Deal” and you want specific facts, without opinion. No doubt, you’ve searched the internet, for several days—if not several weeks—just to hear “360 Music Deals” are evil.

No doubt, you need to know, because Record Companies make success easier in the Music Business.

And, of course, you need numbers. Same here.

And, of course, you need a reliable source. Same here.

Here are numbers from a reliable source.

A. Standard 360 Music Deal Numbers

Labels want twenty-five (25%) percent of everything, except Merchandise. For Merchandise, they want fifty (50%) percent. (Allow further description.)

1. 25% of Touring and live performance

2. 25% of Digital Products like Ringtones

3. 25% of Publishing

4. 25% of Endorsements

5. 25% of T.V. and Movie Appearances

6. 25% of Book Publishing

7. 50% of Merchandise

B. The Reliable Sources

Entertainment Attorney Steve Gordon provided this information through a Digital Music News interview.

Please watch the accompanying video:

Entertainment Attorney Donald S. Passman gave similar information, ranging from 10-25%.

C. Closing

As promised. You now have facts, no opinion, and from a reliable source.

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Da’Rel Da’Rel

The Mystery-The Intellect

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