Spot Spotify Scams and Fake Playlist


Spotify playlists generate millions in streams and dollars and introduce millions to new music, offering artists an avenue for easy discovery.

Many artists are scammed in the process.

From an artist already scammed, here are some tips for recognizing fake Spotify Playlist and Spotify Scams.

Ask for the playlist link & ask for songs submitted to the playlist. Then inspect.

These are instant alarms.


  1.  Weird Looking Names

        Like: fwzpbebewe; ledghybgoyx; vsrbdntrjla; bfielgjd. These are/were actual Spotify Account Names:



   2. Lack of Followers:

        Naturally, if people like a Playlist they will follow it.


  3. Far too Many Songs: 

      Who can digest over 100 new songs every week?  That’s too many songs. Greed tends to get criminals. (1,135 & 867.)


  4.  Ad dates: Too Many Songs: 

        Too many songs added on the same date says conspiracy of hustlers adding songs from wherever, whoever, and whenever victims are found. Adding songs once a week works. No more than twenty for a 100 song list.

While writing this Blog Post, songs are being added to this Great Music Playlist, supposedly created by Glenn Bersano, with 844 Songs.  All songs were added within nine (9) days or less. 

  5.  Check The Songs Playlist History

        Head to Spot On Track for a Free Trial Subscription.

You can find all the Playlist songs have been in.


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